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This is not a project – it is an expedition. A contemporary journey of discovery towards understanding, how and why we connect with nature, who we are, how we think and what motivates us.


Before we can properly examine missing persons cases, we need to know who they are, who else is out there and what it is that attracts them to the wilderness in the first place.

Footprints in the Wilderness (FITW) are gathering data on the behaviour of bush and wilderness users,


Your contribution can help us in investigating missing person cases, as well as protect our wild places by saying what natural freedom and space means to you and your loved ones. Your thoughts, experiences, and opinions matter. Please donate just ten minutes of your time by completing our wilderness survey (complete with anonymity/confidentiality options), and share the link with your network, family, and friends: 

Your engagement of just 10 minutes will be a valuable contribution to all our futures. We thank you for your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated. 

Whether you are a hiker, hunter, bushwalker, trail-biker rider, mountaineer, or day tripper enjoying a free walk in the park or along the beach; your knowledge is valuable in helping us better understand what motivates everyone.  It will also enable us to inform our decision makers of the psychological and biological needs we all sometimes have for a walk in the woods. Perhaps it is linked to an understanding, that in a few short millennia we have all evolved from an ancient handful of hunters and gatherers, into a choking mass of humanity all wanting that summer ‘Vacation’. But what are we vacating? Is it an escape from being locked in mega-cities and towns?

We, at Footprints in the Wilderness are committed to encouraging others to ‘go bush’ as much as we are committed to understanding how and why some become lost or disappear into the wilderness. Whilst it may appear to be Australian influenced, the survey is universal. We need your input. No matter if you hike in your local park, the English Hills, the plains of Africa, the American wilderness, or from anywhere else in the world, please participate. We will publish our findings on our website and social media. 

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