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Investigation  |  Intelligence Analysis  |   Research

Valentine Smith APM

A forty-five-year veteran of Law Enforcement and the Defence Forces. Specialist in Investigations, Information management, Professional Standards, Integrity, Strategic Planning, Interpreting Communications and Community Engagement.

In 2013, after thirty-nine years’ service, Valentine retired from the Victoria Police as a Detective Senior Sergeant.  His police career included working with Interpol and Crime Stoppers International in France, India, Canada and the U.S.A. As well as many city and rural positions, including three years as supervisor in some of Victoria’s remote mountain country followed by sixteen years as the head of Crime Stoppers, in the Victoria Police Intelligence Command.

Since leaving policing Valentine has focused on missing person cold cases, concentrating on investigative first response, an interest that has seen him regularly appear across national media and on Under Investigation on the 9 Network, Australia. His work has now evolved into Senior Investigator and Disclosures Specialist/Corporate/Government investigations – 10 yrs. Advisor – Workplace investigations and ethics – Association Executive Services. Business mentoring /coaching advisor and trainer. He is also the CEO/Founder of MiPerNet. 

Lecturer/Tutor – Investigative thinking and Interviewing techniques – Govt./Education/Private.

He is currently also engaged (part time) with ‘Stopline’ specialising in gathering information on illegal, corrupt or unethical behaviour across government and industry.  

Samantha Kiss

Master Private Investigator, Intelligence Analyst & Researcher, Samantha has a professional and academic background in Criminology & Education.


Her dedication to a continuance in knowledge and understanding in the field, sees her remaining actively enrolled in Tertiary Education, having already committed to a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology), an Advanced Diploma in Arts (Criminology) and certifications in Private Investigation, OSINT & Cyber Investigations. She has a deep interest in Missing Persons Behaviour and an enthusiasm for authorship analysis, and spends time learning about and developing potential grapholinguistic applications to real-world events.


Samantha is passionate, dedicated, and thorough, with exceptional attention to detail. She is devoted to the protection of children and the vulnerable, and cares deeply for her community of the Blue Mountains. 

Samantha's meticulous nature and diverse approach ensures that investigations are analysed from numerous perspectives. An extremely well-organised and patient individual, with superb time-management skills in seeking the facts, Samantha takes great pride in her work. With integrity and passion she adopts dynamic practices during the process of an investigation. 

Samantha also coordinates research projects, predominately in the field of missing persons.

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