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Not all who are missing are lost

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Out of the Forest is a unique tale of survival. A young man is raised in grim circumstances, facing adversity in the most atrocious of ways. Most would surrender to despondency, but not Gregory Smith.

With no positive adult role models, no money, no guidance, no support and little education, Gregory tries to find his way in the world. He is determined to find a better life for himself. Initially, his reaction is to run. Fight or flight kicks in. He essentially becomes a missing person. Yet, he yearns for a sense of belonging. A place to call home.

Gregory’s story is complex, exhausting, but ever so important. His story proves that humans can find answers, even when they don’t know what the question is.

I utterly enjoyed every moment of this book, albeit both shocking and confronting. It is true that the darkness in the beginning chapters of Gregory’s story had me needing a cup of tea and a few long moments of deep breathing, but without hesitation I would return to these wounded yet honest pages of a journey that is almost unbearable to contemplate, longing for this young man to catch-a-break.

Gregory’s no-holds-barred approach was brutal but necessary. Without it, the depth of his experience would have been lost on most.

I don't at all wish to appear a fan-girl, but the fact of the matter is.... I am. Not necessarily for the typical reasons though, such as the author’s ability to story-tell, or their bravery and determination; but rather, for Gregory’s coping mechanisms and his uniquely inherent drive to get to the other side of his plight.

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