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Missing persons and investigative first response

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

There are many of us who have been 'harping on' about the challenges, gaps and risks in this area for years; finally most of what we are shouting about is encapsulated in print. 'Intelligent Search' by Christopher S. Young (published by dbS Productions) has been years in the making and is now available from Amazon (search on Amazon books keywords 9781879471610). Chris has produced the manual that we all need, it covers everything from first response and continuing intelligence capture/management to investigative considerations, interviewing techniques, avoiding bias, technical considerations i.e. cell phone records, and includes entity analysis; you name it, it is all there. Whilst there are some case references in it, it is by far a complete specialist manual, which all SAR and investigative response specialists and agencies should have in their office and library. A big 'well done and thank you' to Chris and dbS Productions for an excellent tool of learning for us all. Intelligent Search: Managing the Intelligence Process in the Search for Missing Persons • 1 min read


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