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Finding inner peace in a world of Killers

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Gary Jubelin is a 34 year veteran. A Detective Chief Inspector who addressed his investigations with passion, dedication and rigor. His take-no-prisoners approach is not for the faint-hearted, and makes for a fascinating read that feels authentic and proactive.

I catch killers - Gary Jubelin

Gary doesn't shy away from writing about perspectives and observations that may, in some circles, be considered quite unorthodox for a cop. He openly reveals parts of his character that most people in the spotlight would balk at doing. His risk-taking, non-compliant persona is met equally with his compassion for families and his fight for justice. You can't help but barracking for Team-Gary. I always find it refreshing to experience this kind of candid view from those who have been on the frontline.

I Catch Killers is written in a format that makes it incredibly palatable for easy reading. The book is divided into three parts, each section consisting of several short chapters that are captured in a chronologically jumping timeline. This format is often a little hit and miss, but in my opinion Gary has successfully encapsulated the tumultuous nature of investigative work, thrusting the reader to contemplate the intensity of working these cases.

This biography is the real-deal. A genuine approach to true crime tales, I Catch Killers incorporates the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of detective work, into stories that unveil the vulnerability of the people involved and the impact it can have on their personal lives.

I Catch Killers is more than a book of professional antidotes from the long career of a great Detective. In a job that is predominately focussed on the dark details of the ugliest parts of human nature, this is a personal journey of a man who continued to search for ways to have some form of inner peace. As perfectly quoted by Gary at the beginning of his story, “compassion leads to courage”.

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